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From Principal’s Desk:

In the world today when the youth and the society are in the helpless state of “anomie” educational institutions have to not merely impart knowledge but also value living skills.
They must restructure and pursue value based, socio – nation oriented, and ecologically friendly education with a view to inculcate sense of adequacy, filling of competitiveness and competence, promote commitment to national integrity, social and communal harmony; and help internalize the need of sustainable development; ultimately to unfold a wholesome personality, radiating with human values to face challenges of life during the 21st century.
Vig English School Jamshedpur is a unique school in every way. It is unique because it provides required infrastructure for the overall development of the students. The faculty members are committed, considerate and qualified. It is Unique because it is backed by the long educational experience of the Vig Educational and Cultural Society, Jamshedpur.
We would like to assure you that the system of learning in the school has been formed with the child as the centre of interest. This is amplified and we strongly belief there must be perfect understanding between the teachers and the parents for the comprehensive development of the children.
I, as a Principal have the privilege to begin my day with prayer to Almighty that my actions and decisions may somehow make a permanent imprint on the child’s future. It is a great responsibility, and one that I do not take evenly.
My request to the parents: Create Education a priority in your household. Once this has been accepted, family decisions and activities will become much easier to agree upon. Place importance on attendance and punctuality and that will assist in decisions of time management for the school and all outside activities for your ward and your entire family.
To get the most out of above request, you must also be role model at home as we try to become role model for your ward in the school.

     (Jibon Krishna Banerjee)
      VES, Chhota Govindpur,

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